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Experience fixing technology live.

The fischer Truck on tour. Be on site to experience the unique mobile training, exhibition, and experience centre. Craftsmen will expand their professional knowledge on theoretical and practical topics by working in small groups. DIY enthusiasts will get to know the wide range of fixing solutions available, and can personally test out products. As always, the unmatched competence of our experienced fischer fixing experts will also be on hand. Gain knowledge and practical tips from the professionals. The multifunctional fischer TourTruck offers all this and more. Come look inside. The fischer TourTruck is probably making a stop near you. Simply take a look at the tour dates. Craftsmen can also inquire at fischer or ask their specialist dealer about nearby events. You can look forward to a concentrated experience of the power of our fixing products. You will also enjoy promotions and prize drawings.

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The fischer TourTruck in your city. Experience the tour live.

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The fischer TourTruck from the inside: mobile academy and experience location.

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The Truck experience

The fischer TourTruck is unique and multifunctional: it functions as a mobile fischer ACADEMY for professionals, and an exhibition centre for the many different fixing solutions offered by your fixing experts. The expandable side walls of the fischer TourTruck extend the unique world of experiences it offers to a total of 90m2 on two levels. The TourTruck totals 16.5 m in length and 6.25 m tall when extended. The Mercedes-Benz Actros semi-truck, with 476 HP, demonstrates the power of fischer Fixings.

fischer - innovative solutions

In collaboration with our fischer retail partners, small groups of professionals with a max. of 15 participants can learn everything they need to know about our fixing technology and the newest fastening solutions from fischer. They will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge from experienced trainers at the fischer ACADEMY. Deepen your knowledge, gain valuable recommendations from fastening experts, and test out our products on site. The fischer TourTruck is a mobile exhibition centre which invites guests to learn, test, and win.

fischer - innovative solutions

Experience the variety of fixing solutions we offer for every application and every material. This experience is now available in your local community, in addition to the fischer Academy and our more than 70 centres of competence. Discover our innovations, allow us to advise you, and benefit from the knowledge of fischer fixing experts. Come by and take a look; at our fischer Truck stops, we can offer you fixing technologies and a unique new experience, including entertainment for the kids, and something tasty for the whole family.

fischer - innovative solutions



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